Student’s Science Society of Department
Schedule of the student scientific society for the 7-th semester 2019-2020.



15.02.2020 Features of early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus
  As. Oleksandr Pivovarov
29.02.2020 Modern treatment of myocardial infarction
Assoc. prof. Natalia Kotovshchykova 
14.03.2020 Modern non-invasive methods of diagnosis of liver morphology
Assoc. prof. Olena Ogneva
28.03.2020 Examination of patients with joint diseases. Differential diagnosis of articular syndrome
As. Maria Oliinyk
11.04.2020 The use of phototherapy in an internal medicine clinic
Assoc. prof. Volodymyr Fedorov 


Determination of optimal individual diet
Assoc. prof. Tatiana Moiseenko 
16.05.2020 Heart defects
As. Tatiana Rogachova

Students of the Scientific Society of Department are active participants in scientific and practical conferences: