Respected 4-th, 5-th and 6-th year students of VI-th and VII-th faculty!

The schedule of classes at our department is available at the link:

The list of topics for practical classes is available at the link:

The schedule and list of lecture topics is available at the link:

During the face-to-face practical training at the department, each student needs: a white medical uniform, a medical cap, change the shoes, a medical mask or respirator, bactericidal wipes or a liquid sanitizer.

Independent preparation for practical classes is carried out with the help of resources of the distance learning system Moodle. For this purpose, the staff of the department created an electronic course that fully corresponds to the curriculum. It is available at the link below.

Before each practical lesson, the student must study the relevant topic in the e-course and perform all the tasks attached to the topic: solve tests, clinical tasks, etc.

If needed, online classes at the department are conducted using the Google Meet. Each student must connect to the webinar room in a timely manner. Online classes include a demonstration of educational materials on the screen and an oral dialogue between the teacher and students.

To join our distance courses. How to do it? First, login to the system Moodle, and from the system homepage go to the directory “Кафедра внутрішньої медицини №3 та ендокринології” (Department of Internal Medicine No.3 and Endocrinology). After that you have to choose and register for the following courses:

Links for the obligatory department`s distance courses in the system Moodle KhNMU for english speaking students (choose courses in  English):

To contact their teacher, each student has the opportunity to write to him on E-mail or Viber. Contacts of teachers are at the link.

It will be more convenient to write rather than call, the teacher will definitely answer you as soon as possible.



List of questions for the final credit
Link for access to the final credit in the system Moodle KhNMU: ДИФЕРЕНЦІЙНИЙ ЗАЛІК / FINAL CREDIT / ДИФФЕРЕНЦИАЛЬНЫЙ ЗАЧЕТ (choose in  English)

Schedule of daily reworking missed practical classes and lectures by duty teachers for students of VI-th and VII-th faculties

Schedule of acceptance of work off by duty teachers in fall semester

Notice! Registration for the workoff to the duty teacher is through an electronic journal (ASU), with informing the teacher by e-mail.

We wish you success in your studies!

Sincerely, the head of the department prof. Zhuravlyova LV, and the staff of the department.




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