Training began at the department

The new academic year at the department started online, according to the schedule. The first lectures were held, the first topics of practical classes were worked out in synchronous mode with students of the 4th and 6th year, bachelors and intern doctors. Regardless of working in special conditions, and for most not even within the … Читать далее

Оnline meeting regarding the start of the new academic year

The department held an online meeting with employees regarding the start of the new academic year. Prof. Zhuravlyova L.V. informed the team about the peculiarities of work under martial law, the challenges and tasks set by the higher education management taking into account these conditions. Emphasis is placed on the priority of proper organization of … Читать далее

Announcement of acceptance of academic debt

DEAR STUDENTS From 22.08 to 25.08, you have the opportunity to work off missed classes and liquidate academic debt from 4th course in the discipline “Internal Medicine, incl. endocrinology” online. Registration and communication with the duty teacher Fedorov Volodymyr take place through the electronic journal We would like to remind you that working off … Читать далее

54 European Pancreatic Club Meeting 2022

On June 22-25, an important event is taking place in Kyiv: the 54th European Pancreatic Club Meeting 2022 is being held. For the first time, a pan-European scientific event is being held in Ukraine, pancreatologists and specialists of other specialties (gastroenterologists, surgeons, etc.) from all countries of the world are participating in it. It is … Читать далее

Associate Professor Volodymyr Fedorov was awarded an honorary certificate of the Department of Health Care.

On the eve of the professional holiday of the Medical Worker’s Day, the Department of Health Protection of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, in the person of Director Maksym Haustov, awarded an Honorary Certificate to Volodymyr Fedorov, associate professor of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3, for many years of conscientious work, high professionalism, … Читать далее

Congratulations on the Day of the medical worker

Dear colleagues, friends, medical students! Accept sincere congratulations on the Day of the medical worker! In these difficult times of war for the country and for each of us, the medical profession has acquired special importance. Each of you brings our common victory closer by your courageous and heroic work both on the battlefield and … Читать далее

An online meeting of the staff of the department took place

On June 13, an online meeting of the staff of the department chaired by prof. Zhuravlyova LV The agenda was dedicated to the end of the semester and the academic year. The need for careful preparation of electronic documentation and reports was emphasized. The procedure for granting vacations and features of extension / termination of … Читать далее

Ukraine Clinical Guidance

Reccomend site contains clinical guidelines and medical resources selected by experts for use by doctors, nurses and others in Ukraine Ukraine Clinical Guidance

Student scientific conference “Actual problems of medicine” took place

Сьогоднішній день на кафедрі ознаменувався проведенням Студентської наукової конференції «Актуальні проблеми медицини». До участі в конференції долучилися студенти та викладачі кафедри, захід відбувся з дистанційно з використанням сервісу Google Meet. Загалом, було представлено 8 інформативних та актуальних доповідей, включаючи описи власних спостережень цікавих клінічних випадків : 1. Ааюші Танвар «MODERN METHODS OF DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT … Читать далее

Preparation for the Meeting of the European Club of Pancreatologists

Nevertheless, the 54th Meeting of the European Club of Pancreatologists will take place in Kyiv on June 22-25, 2022, as expected, virtually. Preparations are in full swing, reports are being recorded, and a real-time discussion will take place in thematic sections in June. From the Department of Internal Medicine N3 and Endocrinology 20.05 the report … Читать далее

Department`s meeteng was held

Today’s meeting of prof. Zhuravlyova LV together with the staff of the department was devoted to the consideration of urgent issues related to the end of the semester and the presentation of a new algorithm for generating information in the ASU system using a digital signature. In addition, graduate students of the department reported on … Читать далее

Letter of thanks

The rector of Kharkiv National Medical University, Valery Kapustnyk, has received a letter of thanks from Yulia Pcholkina, the head of the metro station “Zahysnyky Ukrainy”. The regular staff of the station and personally Ms. Yulia express their sincere gratitude to Volodymyr Fedorov, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine № 3 and Endocrinology, for the medical … Читать далее

An online meeting took place

To ensure the high quality of the educational process in remote conditions, the head of the department, Professor Zhuravlyova Larysa Vladimirovna held a regular online meeting with the staff of the department. Responsible persons reported on the implementation of pedagogical, scientific, methodological and medical work, current issues were discussed. The procedure for conducting the final … Читать далее

Easter greetings

Dear friends, colleagues, compatriots, we sincerely congratulate you on the bright holiday of Easter! We wish peace, prosperity, well-being! May this holiday inspire each of you in everyday affairs, add strength and confidence to our victory! Thank you all for your congratulations. Sincerely, prof. Zhuravlyova LV and the staff of the department.

Medical work of employees of the department during the war

From the day of the war, employees, interns of the department and 4th year students, who are trained at the Department of Internal Medicine №3 and Endocrinology, continue to perform medical work on the basis of KNP CHOR “Regional Clinical Hospital” in round-the-clock. Thus, Associate Professor Yankevich OO provides highly specialized care in the cardiology … Читать далее

Features of the educational process at the department

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department of Internal Medicine №3 and Endocrinology continue to work remotely with ukrainian and foreign 4th year students in wartime. If possible, teachers conduct online classes according to the schedule, consult, accept work off, in addition, perform methodological, organizational, scientific and treatment work. We wish our staff and students … Читать далее

Educational work with interns

The Department of Internal Medicine 3 and Endocrinology continues training with interns. Today another webinar took place, at which prof. Zhuravlyova LV and responsible associate professors Tsivenko OI and Lakhno OV considered clinical issues according to the thematic plan and discussed working moments with interns of 1st and 2nd year of study. During the meeting … Читать далее

The Doctors Without Borders mission has started work in Kharkiv

З 2 квітня розпочала свою роботу незалежна міжнародна медична гуманітарна місія “Лікарі без кордонів”, діяльність якої спрямована на надання допомоги постраждалим від російської військової агресії. До участі у місії долучилися й представники нашої кафедри. Так, з боку ХНМУ створена волонтерська група викладачів та студентів під керівництвом заступника декана І медичного факультету, доцента кафедри внутрішньої медицини … Читать далее

Гайдлайн для медичних працівників по заміні інсулінів у надзвичайних ситуаціях

До уваги  лікарів пропонуємо перекладений на українську мову гайдлайн для медичних працівників по заміні інсулінів у надзвичайних ситуаціях, який був розроблений та перекладений командою міжнародних медичних експертів коаліції Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition Цей гайдлайн був адаптований експерткою інформаційної кампанії “Мисливці за діабетом” Україно-швейцарського проєкту “Діємо для здоров’я”, ендокринологом вищої категорії Ксенією Замолотовою. Оригінальне посилання: … Читать далее

Деякі питання надання медичної допомоги хворим з діабетом в умовах воєнного стану. Наказ МОЗ України №421 від 07.03.2022

Деякі питання надання медичної допомоги хворим з діабетом в умовах воєнного стану. Наказ МОЗ України №421 від 07.03.2022 {Із змінами, внесеними згідно з Наказами Міністерства охорони здоров’я № 459 від 10.03.2022 № 515 від 23.03.2022} Відповідно до Закону України від 24 лютого 2022 року № 2102-IX “Про затвердження Указу Президента України “Про введення воєнного стану в Україні”, Закону … Читать далее

Performing of medical work by the staff of the department

Under martial law, the staff of the department continues to perform medical work. Thus, associate professor Yankevych Oleksandr provides specialized care to cardiac patients at the Regional Clinical Hospital, assistants Stoyanova Julia, Cherpita Valentina and Markevych Mykyta from the first days of the war were involved in duty at the Regional Hospital, and Markevych Mykita … Читать далее

Congratulations to the anniversary of Kotovshchikova NM

On February 23, the associate professor of the department, Kotovshchikova NM. Professor Zhuravlyova LV and the staff of the department sincerely congratulate dear Natalia Nikolaevna. We wish you good health, inspiration, long-term prosperity and joy. Mnohaya lita!

Weekdays of the department

Із початком нового робочого тижня на кафедрі в звичайному режимі продовжується навчальний процес для вітчизняних та іноземних студентів, лікарів-інтернів та здобувачів PhD. Робочі будні проф. Журавльової Л.В. та співробітників кафедри також включають консультування хворих у відділеннях Обласної клінічної лікарні, участь в університетських  нарадах та зібраннях. Доценти Сокольнікова Н.В. та Сікало Ю.К. активно долучилися до робочої … Читать далее

Ukraine’s Day of Unity

Today Ukraine celebrates the Day of Unity! Prof. Zhuravlyova Larysa and employees of the department join the national celebrations. We wish everyone peace and harmony, prosperity and abundance! 💙💛With Ukraine in our hearts!💙💛

A webinar for primary care physicians was held

Employees of the Department of Internal Medicine №3 and Endocrinology joined the training and information event aimed at raising awareness of the peculiarities of the course and treatment of patients with endocrine pathology in the pandemic COVID-19. The webinar was organized by the Department of Health of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration for Primary Care … Читать далее





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