On September 17-19, 2018, the 7th International Conference on Electronic Education and Electronic Technologies in Education (The Seventh International Conference on E-learning and E-Technologies in Education) was held in Lodz, Poland.

Lodz is one of the largest cities in Poland, currently the center of the Polish electronics industry.

During conference the following reports were discussed:
AV-Communication and Multimedia, Assessment Software Tools, Blended Learning, Collaborative Learning, Computer-Aided Assessment, Course Design and E-Learning Curricula, Digital Libraries for E-Learning, Distance Education, Distance and E-Learning in a Global Context, E -Learning Hardware and Software, E-Learning Platforms, Portals, E-learning in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and information engineering, Educating the Educators, Groupware Tools, Higher Education vs. Vocational Training, Immersion Learning, Impact and Achievements of International Initiatives, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Interdisciplinary Programs for Distance Education, Joint Degrees, Learning Organization, Medical Applications, Mobile Learning (M-learning), Ontologies and Meta-Data Standards, Pedagogy Enhancement with E-Learning, Security Aspects, Technology Enhanced Learning, Theoretical Bases of E-Learning Environments, Virtual Labs and Virtual Classrooms

Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 and endocrinology with an oral report was presented by the developer and administrator of the site of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 and endocrinology, assistant chair, Ph.D. Lopina Natalia Andreevna, who presented a report on the topic: “The Internal Medicine Department of the Higher Educational Medical Institute”, in which she shared with the participants of the conference the experience of developing and administering the site for medical continuing education , presented the interests of the target audience according to the monitoring data of Google Analytics.

Lopina N. Internal medicine department of higher educational medical institution web-site organization and structure based on modern educational web-technologiesThe Seventh International Conference on E-Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE2018). 2018; 10-19.