With the development of information technologies, approaches to the pedagogy of higher education are changing. Therefore, teachers of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 and Endocrinology always actively support innovative ideas in this field.

Current trends in the education of medical students are aimed at maximum interactivity with possible “gamification” of the educational process. At the methodological meeting of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 and Endocrinology, it was proposed by Professor L. Zhuravlova to introduce these technologies into the educational process of the Department. Teachers of the department, postgraduate students and laboratory assistants, actively participated in the development of ideas and tasks.

Thus, on 19th of April, for the first time, the department staff conducted a quest on endocrinology, the goals of which were to systematize students’ knowledge and motivate them to study this section of internal medicine. Five locations were prepared for students, each of which was dedicated to a specific group of pathologies:

  1. Diabetes mellitus
  2. Diseases of Thyroid gland
  3. Adrenal diseases
  4. Diseases of the hypothalamic-pituitary system
  5. Emergency conditions

For completing the tasks in each location was given 10 minutes. Students had to guess the rebuses, make the correct diagnosis, choose the right drug for an emergency situation and demonstrate good theoretical background.

To date, the event was attended by more than 60 groups, among which the winners were selected. You can see results here.

Despite the fact that the quest format itself is not new, this approach has unlimited potential and prospects in the education of medical students. That is why the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 and Endocrinology will facilitate the introduction of modern educational methods with the widespread use of information technology.