The  final test on the thematic sections of the discipline Endocrinology and Hematology has begun on the department. 

A pre-formed bank of all tests and questions in the department category of courses in the Moodle KNMU system provided a convenient algorithm for generating a ticket in the body of the test. The applied algorithm for the formation of an examination ticket provides for an introductory test with  the further possibility of obtaining an essay task and checking it by the teacher. Tasks and tests in the ticket appear randomly from a questions database, containing 450 items. Tickets also have time limits for execution, and access to them is opened directly by the teacher during the lesson. The second stage of the final control with the analysis of answers and the solution of clinical problems takes place synchronously in the webinar room. The head of the department, professor Larisa Zhuravlyova approved this algorithm for the final certification after a step-by-step discussion of its components at a meeting with the department staff.