On April 22, 2021, a scientific and practical conference with an online broadcast “Clinical endocrinology – from theory to practice” was held in Kharkiv in the framework of the implementation of the scientific and educational project “Ukrainian endocrinological workshop”, in which the department staff took an active part.

Professor Zhuravleva L.V. made a presentation “Topical issues of insulin therapy of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the practice of a family doctor.” The presentation of the report can be found on the website following the link.

Associate professor of the department Sokolnikova N.V. reported on “The relationship of resistin, dyslipidemia and diastolic dysfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes.” Assistant professor Timoshenko G.Yu. presented the results of her scientific work in the report “The role of fibroblast growth factor 19 in the diagnosis and prediction of the combined course of type 2 diabetes mellitus and chronic cholecystitis.”