From the day of the war, employees, interns of the department and 4th year students, who are trained at the Department of Internal Medicine №3 and Endocrinology, continue to perform medical work on the basis of KNP CHOR “Regional Clinical Hospital” in round-the-clock.

Thus, Associate Professor Yankevich OO provides highly specialized care in the cardiology department, assistant of the department Markevich MA on duty and receives patients in the admission department.

Interns of the 1st year of study Anipenko A. and Galushchenko D., interns of the 2nd year of study Zakalyuzhna O. and Sorochynska V. provide qualified assistance to the population in different departments of the regional hospital.

Also, Zayarna Alina, a 4th year student of the 1st medical faculty of KhNMU, has been living and working in the regional hospital since the first days of the war, she is a nurse in the intensive care unit of the cardiology department.

All of our other employees continue to provide online advice to those who seek help through volunteer programs and organizations.
We are proud of our staff, interns and students for their dedication, humanism and heroism.

We believe in victory, #PrayForUkraine