On October 11, a round table was held, the main topic of which was “Stigmatization by weight”, confined to World Obesity Day.

The purpose of this event was to solve: “Is obesity a medical or social problem?”, and find possible ways to stop this pandemic and stigma among the population. At the beginning of the discussion Yuliya Stoyanova invited all those present to check their knowledge regarding lipid metabolism in the human body, to determine for which diseases obesity syndrome is typical, and which biologically active substances are involved in lipolysis and lipogenesis.

After that, Mykyta Markevych raised the main question of the event: is obesity a medical problem or is it – social? Opinions were divided during the debate club – some believed that such a problem exists because of the lack of awareness of people about the problem, while others noted the lack of a food culture. PhD students of our department: Danylo Pylyov, Olga Keleberda and Valentyna Cherpita took an active part in the discussion.

And in the final, prof. Larysa V. Zhuravlyova, head of the department of internal medicine No. 3 and endocrinology, summarized all the above and shared her experience and knowledge with the participants of the debate club.