A new format of an exciting game, in the organization of which the senior assistants of our department Stoyanova Yu.D. and Markevych M.A. took an active part, united 15 teams.

The game was conducted in two stages. At first stage each team had a certain number of coins, with the help of which it was possible to choose questions of the easy, medium and difficult levels. Teams that scored 15 points or those who had more coins went through to the finals.

The Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 and Endocrinology was represented by the team “Independence 13” consisting of: P.Zhuravlyova, Yu.Prikhodko, K.Alexandrova, R.Kandyba, H.Kurbel, V.Bardash, who were trained by our teachers: Anna Zhuravlyova, Olena Ogneva, Yuliya Sikalo.

The fight was fierce, and our team won in the first stage, reached the final and took the 5th place. Congratulations and wish not to stop there!