Оn April 4-5, 2019 a scientific symposium with international participation XXI National School of Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists of  Ukraine “Comorbid pathology in gastroenterology. Problems. Ways to solve. Preventive gastroenterology and dietology. The role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of diseases” was held in the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupik.

Professor Zhuravleva L.V. delivered a report on the topic “The problem of drug-induced liver damage in the practice of the clinician and the way to solve it”.

Also a meeting of the Ukrainian Gastroenterological Association was held within the framework of the scientific symposium, under the chairmanship of the President of the Association, Professor Skrypnyk I.M. Shekhovtsova Yu.O., Assistant Professor, Chief of the Gastroenterology Department of the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital, the expert of the Healthcare Department of Kharkiv Regional State Administration in the direction “Therapy, general practice-family medicine, professional pathology, allergology, immunology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, pulmonology” has taken part in this meeting.