Distance learning, of course, has made its adjustments to the planned course of the educational process at the department. Creating quality training courses, realizing the possibility of current control, eliminating academic debt, planning semester certification – these are the urgent challenges facing the staff of the department in new and difficult working conditions. Head of the departments prof. Zhuravlyova Larysa Volodymyrivna approved the work of the initiative group whith Sikalo Yuliya  and Oliynyk Maria. They created a basic distance endocrinology course for 4th year students on the Moodle platform in three languages, which made it possible to be one of the first departments to ensure a quality transition to distance learning in mixed mode (synchronous-asynchronous) from the first days of quarantine. In the future, assistants of the department Filonenko Maryna, Rogachova Tetyana, Sokolnikova Nelya, associate professors Ogneva Olena, Pasieshvili Tamara  joined the development of the course courses of the discipline, with obligatory consecutive performance of activity and constant control. The database of departmental courses includes more than 100 test tasks, the successful completion of which, among other things, will be a condition of admission to the final certification. Both domestic and foreign students actively participated in such activities. Students are interested in this approach, the best works will be additionally marked by teachers.