Східноєвропейський журнал внутрішньої та сімейної медицини





An online seminar of a common meeting of departments was held

April 13 under the chairmanship of prof. Zhuravlevova L.V. a professional online seminar of a joint meeting of the departments of general practice – family medicine and internal medicine, internal medicine No. 3 and endocrinology was held, regarding the presentation of a dissertation study on the assessment of scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance of the results of the dissertation work of a full-time graduate student of the department of general practice – family medicine and internal medicine of diseases of KhNMU Litvynova Anastasia Mykhailivna on the topic: “CLINICAL – PATHOGENETIC ROLE OF OSTEOPROTEGERIN, INTERLEUKIN-18 AND MMP-9 IN THE METABOLISM OF BONE TISSUE OF PATIENTS WITH OSTEOARTHRITIS AND OBESITY”, scientific supervisor, Doctor of Medicine, professor L.M. Pasiyeshvili.
After listening to the dissertation and conducting an open discussion, a conclusion was given with a recommendation for defense at a one-time specialized academic council.
We wish Anastasia Mykhailivna success on her way to obtaining the degree of Doctor of Philosophy!

Doctoral dissertation defense

Today at the Ternopil National Medical University named after AND I. Gorbachevskiy, L.M. Strilchuk successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, at which the official opponent was prof. Zhuravlyova Larisa Volodymyrivna. The topic of the scientific work was devoted to autonomic viscero-visceral cardioneuropathy in patients with biliary lesions.

SPC with international participation “Comorbid course of diseases of internal organs: current state of the problem and unresolved issues of correction”

On March 16-17, the Bukovyna State Medical University will host a conference with international participation “Comorbid course of diseases of internal organs: the current state of the problem and unresolved issues of correction.”
Prof. joined the scientific event. Larisa Volodymyrivna Zhuravlyova with a report at the first plenary session “Management of patients with type 2 diabetes: focusing on the issue of insulin therapy and the role of the family doctor.”

TI courses for doctors on topical issues of rheumatology

Two-week TI courses for doctors on topical issues of rheumatology are ongoing at the department.
Thus, doctors of various therapeutic specialties joined the training in order to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge. In the program of the training course, it is planned to review the updated guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of common rheumatic diseases, analysis of clinical cases, examination and counseling of patients of the rheumatology department of the Regional Clinical Hospital.

Letter of thanks

In the name of the rector of KhNMU Valery Kapustnyk, a letter of thanks was received from the acting the general director of KNP CHOR “Regional Clinical Hospital” Kostyantyn Loboyka.
The team of the rheumatology department expresses sincere gratitude for the dedicated work during the active hostilities in the territory of the Kharkiv region of the staff of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 under the leadership of professor Larisa Zhuravlyova, namely: associate professor Volodymyr Fedorov, postgraduate students Mykyta Markevich, Yulia Stoyanova, intern doctors Anna Gur’ Yevya, Iryna Malanchuk and Dmytro Mykyshenko.
Despite the difficult working conditions and life risks, intern doctors and employees of the department continued to conscientiously perform their medical duties, cared for patients, and participated in the active life of the hospital.
Thus, the associate professor of the department, Volodymyr Fedorov, remained in the department and provided consulting assistance to patients with severe rheumatological diseases and related pathologies that required complex differential diagnosis.
Graduate students of the department improved their knowledge during daily shifts and continued to engage in scientific activities, reinforcing their knowledge with acquired practical skills.
Intern doctors participated in the treatment of patients from the de-occupied territories, which reduced the burden on the department’s doctors.
Thanks to good theoretical training at the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3, interns and graduate students were able to provide quality assistance to the affected population, carry out diagnostic manipulations and educational work.

Days of gastroenterology in Chernihiv

Today, the annual scientific and practical seminar with international participation “Days of Gastroenterology in Chernihiv” was held in a mixed format.
Head of the department, professor Larisa Volodymyrivna Zhuravlyova gave a report “Treatment tactics in patients with functional gastroenterological disorders”.

Implementation of the Casus interactive web resource in the educational process

A scheduled meeting was held at the department in Google Meet video conference mode. The agenda was devoted to the implementation in the educational process of the interactive web resource Casus – a virtual patient.
Docent Oliynyk M.O. presented this educational platform, with which she gained work experience during a recent internship in Germany at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich (Ludwig-Maximilian Universität München) and the Charite University Clinic in Berlin). Moreover, German colleagues provided free access to educational materials to all users from our university when registering by corporate mail.
We join the European standards of medical education by using modern interactive learning tools.

A student scientific conference on internal medicine was held at the department

On January 25, 2023, a student scientific conference on internal medicine was held at the department. The event was attended by students of 4-6 years studying at our department. The following students who will represent the department at the nearest student scientific forums were noted among the reports heard:
1. “Clinical case of diagnosis of ischemic heart disease in a young woman”, Linnik K.S., 3m-19-25 gr. Supervisor: assistant. Kulikova M.V.
2. “A case of Schmidt syndrome”, Okhaigbe Daniel Oshoke, 7m-17-29, supervisor: Assoc. Oleinyk M.O.
3. “The role of ghrelin in the development of GERD in people with type 2 diabetes”, Hrytsai A.A., 2m-19-12 gr. Supervisor: Assoc. Lakhno O.V.
4. “Application of pulse therapy in the treatment of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus”, Topolyuk K., 1m-18-2 gr. Supervisor: Assoc. Fedorov V.O.
5. “Extraintestinal manifestations of ulcerative colitis. A clinical case”, Satapathi Ayusha, 7m-17-29, supervisor: Assoc. Oliynyk M. O.
We are sincerely grateful to the participants of the conference, their managers and all those present for their activity and interest in our event.

The department started the second training course this academic year – Current issues of clinical rheumatology in the practice of an internist.
6 doctors from the city and district hospitals of Kharkiv and the region participated in the two-week training. Professor Zhuravlyova Larisa Volodymyrivna remotely attended the founding meeting, congratulated doctors and wished them a productive study, because associate professors of the department V.O. Fedorov, M.O. Oliynyk and Y.K. Sikalo prepared a relevant and rich program, including with the use of interactive learning tools.

The first meeting of the student scientific society of the department took place

On December 10, 2022, the first meeting of the student scientific society of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 and Endocrinology was held online on the Google Meet platform, which was attended by more than 20 future doctors – students of our department.
At the beginning of the meeting, the head of the department, prof. Zhuravlyova Larisa Volodymyrivna. In the main part of the event, interactive clinical cases of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, Crohn’s disease and megaloblastic anemia were discussed, detailing methods of diagnosis and treatment. A headman was also elected and the plan of the group’s work was determined.
We thank all participants and look forward to new meetings!

Internship for our department’s teachers in Germany

From November 12 to 26, an internship for teachers of medical faculties “Ukraine digital – Clinical reasoning in medical education” took place in Germany, which was attended by associate professors of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 and Endocrinology Maria Oleksandrivna and Fedorov Volodymyr Oleksandrovych. The internship took place on the basis of Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich (Ludwig-Maximilian Universität München) and Charité University Clinic in Berlin (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin).
The goal of the project was to introduce virtual clinical cases to the educational process. In the practice of German medical universities, there is a pool of educational clinical cases, which have been currently updated with the participation of many universities. As part of the internship, the relevance of using virtual clinical cases was determined, and their positive impact in improving the educational process at medical faculties was determined. The possibility of integrating educational cases into existing curricula was discussed. There were also trainings on the compilation of clinical cases in the Casus program and an introduction to the concept of curriculum development and mapping using the LOOOPshare online platform.


On November 23-24, 2022, the International Scientific Interdisciplinary Conference (ISIC) was held by the Council of the Scientific Society of Students, Postgraduates, Doctoral Students and young scientists of the Kharkiv National Medical University with the support of the university management.
During the scientific event, students from the department of internal medicine No. 3 and endocrinology presented 4 reports with the latest views on various problems of gastroenterology,
rheumatology and diabetology. Young scientists Bassam Abou Hossein, Satapathy Ayusha received II and III degree diplomas respectively. Alyieva Susana was awarded the diploma for Best Presentation, while Kuye Adesegun Jacobs and Azuwike Uchechi Blessing received diplomas for Oratory Skills.
Congratulations to all participants and winners and we wish you success in the future!

The dissertation defense took place

Prof. Larysa Volodymyrivna Zhuravlyova acted as an official opponent in the defense of the dissertation work of post-graduate student – PhD candidate Nataliya Ihorivna Cherelyuk on the topic “Optimization of early diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease against the background of obesity and excess weight, taking into account the main phylotypes of intestinal microbiota and markers of inflammation”, head Doctor of Medicine, Prof. G.D. Fadeyenko. The presentation took place at the Institute of Therapy named after L.T. Malaja under the chairmanship of Prof. Yu.S. Rudyk, reviewers – professors O.V. Kolesnikova and G.S. Isayeva, the second official opponent is Professor I.M. Skrypnyk

A meeting was held with department employees

Today meeting with the department’s employees was held by Prof. Zhuravlyova L.V., where urgent questions regarding the educational process, methodical and scientific work were resolved. Proposals were also discussed and given regarding the report of the vice-rector of the National People’s Republic of Ukraine I.V. Leshchyna. “Peculiarities and state of ensuring the educational process in 2022/2023 in the conditions of martial law”, which was presented at the meeting of the Scientific Council of KhNMU on October 27, 2022.

“Metabolic syndrome: studying the consequences, predicting the risks” NPC was held

Today in Kyiv, an interesting scientific event took place – NPK “Metabolic syndrome: studying the consequences, predicting the risks”. Professor Larisa Volodymyrivna Zhuravlyova took part as a speaker with a report “Pleiotropic effects of ALA in the management of patients with type 2 diabetes.”

TU courses for doctors “Management of patients with a rheumatological profile” have begun

Today at the Department of Internal Medicine 3 and Endocrinology, TU courses for doctors “Management of patients with a rheumatological profile” began.
Head of the department, prof. Larisa Volodymyrivna Zhuravlyova met the cadets and thanked them for the fact that, despite the difficult and unusual living and working conditions, the doctors showed a desire to study and improve their knowledge and skills in accordance with the latest industry achievements.
It is worth noting that the department has created and certified a distance course for TU doctors, posted on the Moodle platform of KhNMU. Employees of the department are associate professors Fedorov V.O., Oliynyk M.O. and Sikalo Y.K. update the materials of this course according to the latest data, use interactive learning tools in it.

XXIII National Congress of Cardiologists of Ukraine was held

The first of four days of the XXIII National Congress of Cardiologists of Ukraine ended today. This event takes place in a mixed format, delegates have the opportunity to directly participate in active participation in an offline format, or to follow the speeches of speakers in numerous scientific sections with the help of online broadcasting.
Professor Larisa Volodymyrivna Zhuravlyova with the staff of the department and co-authors – doctors of the cardiology department of KNP Regional Clinical Hospital of Kharkiv also took part in this important congress, presenting a poster report “Using “quadrotherapy” as an optimal medical treatment of patients with HF with AF”.

The First National School of Therapists was held with international participation

Prof. Zhuravlyova L.V. participated in the NPC with international participation “The First National School of Therapists”, which took place in an online format from September 14 to 16.
In her report “Actual issues of type 2 diabetes insulin therapy in the practice of a family doctor”, Larisa Volodymyrivna provided relevant and practical recommendations regarding the initiation of insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes, outlining the advantages, disadvantages and features of monitoring the effectiveness of therapy.

Birthday greetings to prof. Zhuravlyova L.V.

Today, the charming Larisa Volodymyrivna Zhuravlyova, head of the department of internal medicine No. 3 and endocrinology of KhNMU, doctor of medical sciences, professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, is celebrating her birthday.
We sincerely congratulate the honorable Larisa Volodymyrivna on her birthday!
We wish you good health and confidence in a happy future!
We wish you further professional success, new scientific achievements and more positive events!
May you always be surrounded by loyal, talented colleagues and reliable friends!
We wish you and your family well-being and good luck! Peaceful skies and a quick return to normal life!
Sincerely, employees of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 and Endocrinology

Training began at the department

The new academic year at the department started online, according to the schedule. The first lectures were held, the first topics of practical classes were worked out in synchronous mode with students of the 4th and 6th year, bachelors and intern doctors. Regardless of working in special conditions, and for most not even within the walls of their native home, each of the participants in the educational process makes maximum efforts to create an effective educational environment, including with the use of modern information technologies.

Оnline meeting regarding the start of the new academic year

The department held an online meeting with employees regarding the start of the new academic year.
Prof. Zhuravlyova L.V. informed the team about the peculiarities of work under martial law, the challenges and tasks set by the higher education management taking into account these conditions.
Emphasis is placed on the priority of proper organization of the educational process with students of 4-6 years, undergraduate students and medical interns. Responsibilities assigned to teachers have been allocated, directions for updating scientific and methodological documentation of the department have been determined, and scientific activity has been planned.

Announcement of acceptance of academic debt

From 22.08 to 25.08, you have the opportunity to work off missed classes and liquidate academic debt from 4th course in the discipline “Internal Medicine, incl. endocrinology” online.
Registration and communication with the duty teacher Fedorov Volodymyr take place through the electronic journal
We would like to remind you that working off debts of the discipline also occurs through communication directly with your teacher.

54 European Pancreatic Club Meeting 2022

On June 22-25, an important event is taking place in Kyiv: the 54th European Pancreatic Club Meeting 2022 is being held. For the first time, a pan-European scientific event is being held in Ukraine, pancreatologists and specialists of other specialties (gastroenterologists, surgeons, etc.) from all countries of the world are participating in it. It is worth noting that the president of the Ukrainian Pancreatological Club, Prof. N.B. Gubergryts is now also the president of the European Society.
The Department of Internal Medicine N3 and Endocrinology took part in the work of this important scientific forum. Prof. Zhuravlyova L.V. made an oral-poster presentation in co-authorship with D.I. Pylov. and Zhuravlyova A.K. “Effect of Alpha-lipoic Acid on Adipocytokine Status in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Chronic Pancreatitis”.

Associate Professor Volodymyr Fedorov was awarded an honorary certificate of the Department of Health Care.

On the eve of the professional holiday of the Medical Worker’s Day, the Department of Health Protection of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, in the person of Director Maksym Haustov, awarded an Honorary Certificate to Volodymyr Fedorov, associate professor of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3, for many years of conscientious work, high professionalism, dedication, and significant personal contribution to the provision of highly qualified medical assistance to victims of military aggression against Ukraine and active citizenship.
We congratulate Volodymyr Oleksandrovych with the well-deserved recognition!

Congratulations on the Day of the medical worker

Dear colleagues, friends, medical students! Accept sincere congratulations on the Day of the medical worker!
In these difficult times of war for the country and for each of us, the medical profession has acquired special importance. Each of you brings our common victory closer by your courageous and heroic work both on the battlefield and in the rear. We are proud of your dedication to the profession, and express our sincere gratitude for the lives saved.
Sincerely, the Head of the department of internal medicine 3 and endocrinology Prof. L.V. Zhuravlyova, together with the staff of the department.